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Church Chat

Church Lady: You know, Anne, I made a little snack for you, because I thought you might get hungry, but I couldn’t really remember what you’d like better.. so I have a weiner and a taco, and I was trying to remember - first you liked weiners, didn’t you? Then you thought they were ookey.. and then we liked tacos, but then we went back to weiners. We just have a little trouble making up our minds, don’t we? What’s for dinner, Annie? What’s for dinner? 

Anne Heche: Uh.. could I have.. 

Church Lady: Eeny-meenie-minie-taco-weiner. 

Anne Heche: .. a weiner-taco..? 

Church Lady: Too many decisions. Let’s just put the weiner in the taco.. you scoot down, take a little rest, think about what you want.. 

October 21st 2000


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